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Chesterfield Day Service: A Whistle Stop Tour

Updated: 7 hours ago

Back in September 2023 we opened our third Day Service in Chesterfield.

We’ve been out and about adventuring all over Derbyshire and the Peak District since we’ve opened. We’ve been fortunate enough to take our Chesterfield Adventurers places we haven’t been to before, as they’re outside of our 1 hour bus policy (find out more about that here), from our Top Valley and Mansfield Woodhouse sites.

Nevertheless, we've been pretty busy since we’ve moved in and so we haven’t invited you in for a look around. How rude of us!

So, last week we dug out the camera kit and Harry, our Day Service Manager at

Chesterfield, took us on a whistle stop tour:

We’re super fortunate to have not only a bushcraft area on site, but a woodland area too. This means that we can run sessions from the building itself. Something we have struggled to do at our current two sites.

Running sessions (outdoor ones of course) at the centre will allow us extra time to run more in depth sessions and not have to worry so much about the clock. As well as allowing us an area to start different projects that would ordinally take too long. But we can now run them over a couple of weeks. Giving scope to new sessions and different projects that the groups can get involved with.

There’s all manner of different sessions that Harry has up his sleeve, but we can't go and reveal them all at once. You’ll have to come and join us over at Chesterfield to find out…

Ready to become an Adventurer?

We are dedicated to helping our Adventurers achieve their potential through adventure and we’re always looking for new Adventurers to join us on our journey.

Follow the link to fill out our referral form, email or call 01623 232102 and one of our staff team will be on hand, to help you get you started on your journey with us.

See you out there!

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