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Stories and Testimonials


Ruth Iveson
- Adventurer's Parent

What great things you all do! This weekend Rhea was invited to a fellow Adventurer's birthday party. Here we met several of Rheas friends (who we haven’t met before). It was delightful.


Rhea told us many of her fellow Adventurers names and they were all most welcoming. We saw many people really enjoying themselves singing, dancing and enjoying the party food. Whilst we know that this party was separate to the work you do please realise that your work enabled Rhea to attend this party therefore increasing her social interactions, social group and inclusion. So, your good work extends beyond what you do on a daily basis.


Thank you seems such a small thing to say but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Your team is fantastic and promotes probably even more than you might realise. Awesome.


Tracy Mullenborn - Johnson
- Adventurer's Parent

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!  You work wonders with the group.  I can honestly say you have changed the lives of so many supported adults, bringing out their confidence and personalities.  Thank you!


- The Adventure Service

Our students always look forward to Adventure Service sessions. They have taken part in activities they wouldn't normally have access to. The instructors are always welcoming, friendly and deliver sessions appropriately to our learners.


- Adventurer

I like going camping with my friends from The Adventure Service. We get lots of food!


- Adventurer's Parent

An inclusive service which develops and progresses service users to achieve more than anyone dreams possible, in a nurturing and supportive environment.


- Adventurer's Parent

Amazing and enthusiastic staff who encourage each client to reach their full potential. I could not recommend this service enough!


- Bulwell Academy

In my opinion, the course was amazing and would be a great experience for anyone!


- Adventurer

The Adventure Service is good! I love doing the archery.


I have really enjoyed my time at The Adventure Service, its helped me lots in school. I hope I can do it again one day!

EEE Student 
- Bulwell Academy

EEE Student 
- Bulwell Academy

l.p cook 2.JPG

The children really enjoyed the forest schools session. The instructor was very enthusiastic and inspiring, the children loved him

i-group-camo 2.JPG

I enjoyed the sessions better than playing on my Xbox!


I liked everything about The Adventure Service, especially using a flint and steel.

Staff Member
- Redgate School

- St. Giles School

EEE Student 
- Bulwell Academy

Lee chats with Donna from

Yeoman Park School about Trailblazers.

Emma meets

Adventurer Jamie

Emma meets

Adventurer George

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