Stories and Testimonials

"I liked everything about The Adventure Service, especially using a flint and steel." 
EEE Student - Bulwell Academy

Students puttng some wood in to a smoking kelly kettle

"Amazing and enthusiastic staff who encourage each client to reach their full potential. I could not recommend this service enough!" 
Jane Mekki - Adventurer's Parent

A client holding up the cordage she has made. She is sat on the grass.

"This is the best place to come and learn some more skills and meet some new friends!"
Kieron Luck - Adventurer

A client weaseling throug rocks in the Peak District.He is smiling and wearing a climbing helmet.

"In my opinion, the course was amazing and would be a great experience for anyone!" 
Dylan -Bulwell Academy

A group of school children on a canoe

"It has been so valuable to be able to observe my class when engaging in new activities."
Staff Member - Yeoman Park


"I like going camping with my friends from The Adventure Service. We get lots of food!"
Michael Shepherd - Adventurer

A client pointing at an information board at Sherwood Pines

"The Adventure Service is good! I love doing the archery."
Mikoaj Kotys - Adventurer

An archery board with several arrows in

"I enjoyed the sessions better than playing on my Xbox!"
Jordan - St Giles

A group of school children patisipaiting in camo games

"An inclusive service which develops and progresses service users to achieve more than anyone dreams possible, in nurturing and supportive environment."

Gaynor - Adventurer's Parent   

A client on a hilli the peak district. He has a back pack on and a wolly hat.

"I have really enjoyed my time at The Adventure Service, its helped me lots in school. I hope I can do it again one day!"
EEE Student - Bulwell Academy

three boys on a canoe on open water, sailing and smiling

"The children really enjoyed the forest schools session. The instructor was very enthusiastic and inspiring, the children loved him!"

Staff Member - Redgate School 

A group of schoolchildren at Oxclose Woods around a campfire