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Leaf it Out

Time for a bit of art & craft this week, as we teach you how to make a leaf bowl!

You will need...

  • A collection of large leaves,

  • Two disposable bowls,

  • Clingfilm,

  • PVA glue,

  • Water,

  • Paint brush,

  • Something to act as a weight.

1. Collect some large leaves from the ground.

2. Turn one of the bowls upside down and put clingfilm over the bottom.

3. Water down some PVA glue and paint it on the leaves or dip them in.

4. Cover up the upturned cling-filmed bowl with the leaves. Put a few layers on.

5. Push a layer of clingfilm into the second bowl.

6. Put the second bowl on top of the other bowl and squish the together.

7. Let the glue dry.

8. Make sure the glue is dry before you take the bowls off.

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