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Treetops and Teamwork: Our Final Trip To Thornbridge This Year

Updated: May 8

Short Break Number 5 of the year marked our final venture to Thornbridge Outdoors for the year. It was a return to familiar territory, where we tackled tree climbs and low ropes, after having come to Thornbridge in January to conquer their high ropes course. You can read about that trip here.

Unlike our previous visits earlier in the year, this trip was blessed with much more favourable weather, so the Adventurers didn’t have to worry so much about layering up.

The activities we quite similar to those offered during our first short break of the year, using Thornbridge's impressive equipment and facilities to our advantage. Whether it's scaling trees or navigating the low ropes, Thornbridge continues to be an invaluable partner in facilitating these experiences for our Adventurers.

Two individuals wearing helmets and gloves are playfully interacting in a large tube embedded in an earthen mound in a wooded area. one person is inside the tube looking up, while the other is lying atop the tube, smiling
Two of the Adventurers crawling through the low ropes tunnel

As with every short break, preparations begins during the day at our Mansfield Woodhouse day service. With smooth travels and a timely arrival before nightfall, we embraced the promise of lighter evenings and warmer weather on the horizon.

Like most of the Friday evening’s on short breaks, it was spent socialising in the common room, followed by a well-deserved rest in anticipation of Saturday's adventure.

Saturday morning soon came around and it was time for the Adventurers to don their outdoor gear and head outside to the tree climbing and low ropes area of the outdoor centre.

4 young people swing on ropes over a wooden ladders
Adventurers using their balance on the low ropes course

Though the low ropes don’t seem like too much of a daunting task, they can be tricky to navigate and pose some real challenges where the Adventurers must use their problem solving skills to finish the course. The tree climb is also a no easy feat either. Reaching an impressive height of 12m (that’s almost 40 foot for those still using old money) it can be quite a daunting task.

However, as with all of our activities here at The Adventure Service, we’re all about overcoming fears and challenges. Now this looks different for each induvial. For some, this means simply popping the harness on and climbing the first three or four rungs on the ladder.

For others, it’s reaching the top of the climb and ringing the famous Thronbridge bell. Now, for those that reach the top, regardless of whether they show it or not, will certainly be feeling a little unsure at such a height. Even the most hardy climbers and mountaineers will feel it too.

The weekend also lent itself to allowing Adventurers to excel in different areas. Those who find the tree climb easy, may find the low ropes challenging and visa versa. So all abilities and ages had something that they needed to overcome during the weekend.

 A smiling man wearing glasses and a blue safety helmet in a lush, green outdoor setting. he is dressed in a grey shirt under a dark jacket.
A happy Adventurer after completing the low ropes course

Both activities take different skill sets, too. The tree climb is about how well the Adventurers can control the feelings of fear when they’re climbing towards the top. Where as, the low ropes tests the Adventurer’s ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. Along with their ability to balance and work together. So those with different strengths were allowed to thrive during the weekend.

Thornbridge's suitability for our short breaks lies in its provision of activities we couldn't replicate elsewhere, due to the specialized equipment required. The availability of low ropes and tree climbing facilities on-site ensures our Adventurers have access to experiences that enrich their weekend.

While some may question the repetition of similar activities throughout the year, we believe it serves a real purpose. It affords those who missed out on earlier opportunities the chance to partake in these experiences, fostering inclusivity and equal access.

Given that we can only accommodate 21 paces on our short breaks, it naturally means that people miss out. So, adding additional dates for those that tend to be most popular, again allows for inclusiveness.

Looking ahead to our 2025 short breaks, we’re planning a big year, with lots of activities and weekends. For those eager to stay informed, signing up for email notifications ensures you're always in the loop.

After the busy Saturday, Sunday offered a welcome respite, allowing our Adventurers to unwind and reflect on their achievements. A full English breakfast was followed by a tidy up of the centre, packing up the buses and getting ready to head back to one of our 3 bases.

7 young people swinging on tyres on a low ropes course. All dressed in winter clothing
Swinging Around

However, it wouldn’t be a successful short break unless we stopped at the cafe en route to our final destination of the weekend. To avoid taking over a small café in Derbyshire, each of the busses that left short break on Sunday afternoon headed to a different café for a sweet treat.

Once the Adventurers were sufficiently full and sufficiently spent, it was finally time to finish the weekend and return home to Top Valley, Mansfield Woodhouse and Chesterfield.

We had a great time at Thornbridge once again and would like to thank Thornbridge for their hospitality for the start of our short breaks this year. We’re looking forward to returning next year and doing it all over again.

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