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Emma's TAS Story...

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

My love for working with individuals with learning disabilities started when I was about 5. My mum used to come home and tell me stories about her day working as a learning disability nurse and after hearing a few of these stories I quickly grew a passion to work with the same individuals.

I set a goal for myself to help people with Learning Disabilities to live the life that makes them happy, to give them the same opportunities that everyone else has and to encourage them to push themselves to reach their potential. Then I set out a plan for my future; after secondary school I was going straight to college to study Level 3 Health and Social Care, with the aim to then go to university to study Learning Disability Nursing.

During my first few weeks at university, I got a job working as a learning disability support worker for individuals living in supported living, I quickly fell in love with my job, seeing the progress the individuals made and the things they were achieving. After a few months I decided to go full time as a support worker.

Having outgrown my job, I learned of The Adventure Service through my mum. Upon reading about their goals and aspirations for Adventurers, I quickly applied for a support worker role.

A few weeks and here I am on my first shift. Spending time with Adventurers, I instantly knew this was the job for me. Although this no longer feels like a job as I slowly achieve that goal I set myself as a child. I can't wait to push myself to learn new skills. I'm excited for the possible progressive opportunities which may arise in the future, allowing

me to gain new experience and knowledge, as well as being able to take on new and exciting responsibilities."

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