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Branching Out

Here at The Adventure Service, we take part in Group Volunteering, in partnership with Forestry Commission. This is where the Day Service volunteer with the Forestry Commission in local woodland. (We use Oxclose Woods and Boundary Woods) Our Adventurers do this on a regular basis. This activity involves managing the woodland and working together as a team to benefit the local environment and the local community.

An adventurer with a hard hat on and a saw.
Hayden at Oxclose Wood.

Last week, Seb Tighe from Forestry Commission joined our group of Day Service Adventurers for an observation, where he was impressed with what he saw. The guys took part in some hand tool weeding, brashing and pruning at Oxclose Woods in Mansfield Woodhouse.

Our Adventurers prepared the work area themselves, with safety signage and hazard tape. Our Outdoor Instructor, Warren, then gave out a tool talk and a safety talk to the group, before they began. This ensured that all participants were aware of how to use the tools and how to stay safe.

An adventurer with gloves on and a saw taking part in some group volunteering.
Tom at Boundary Wood.

Seb said:

“The work of The Adventure Service is highly valued and much appreciated by the Forestry Commission and we are thankful to have such a good working relationship. The Rangers and Foresters are always very grateful for projects The Adventure Service team work on.”

Adventurer with a hard hat on and a saw
Alex at Oxclose Wood.

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