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Beech Academy Have a Taster!

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Here at The Adventure Service, we aid teenagers leaving school, to trial our Day Service and have a feel for what’s available to them, once leaving school. During the academic year, we are usually very busy delivering FREE Post-16 Taster Days to different SEN Schools in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area.

Our Taster Days this year will take place at Blakeley Lane Campsite in Warsop, where a range of Bushcraft activities can be chosen for the students to take part in.

Staff and Adventurer around a fire, with fire gloves.
Young Blood and Chris, who attended a taster day last year. Chris is now one of our Day Service Adventurers!

We have already delivered a Taster Day to the Beech Academy and have two booked in for Ash Lea School.

The Beech Academy joined us on Wednesday 21st of November for one of these Post-16 Taster Days. Mala and Lee ran the day and we took three of our own Adventurers, Colin, Brett and Reeanna to help with the day. They arrived at Blakeley Lane in their outdoor gear, ready to take part in some Bushcraft activities.

In the morning, we made some bushcraft pizzas. The bread was made from scratch by the students. They the cut and prepared their own toppings. These included peppers, onions, peperoni, ham, tomato puree and cheese.

Pizza in bushcraft pizza ovens, outside.
Pizza cooking in our pizza ovens.

Some had vegetarian pizzas, some chucked every single one of the toppings on their base. The pizzas were then put on a baking tray and cooked in our pizza ovens, maintained by Lee and Colin. Once they were cooked, we all got to try some, and they were delicious!

Everybody then got settled down around the fire and tucked in to their packed lunches.

The temperature dropped massively during dinner and all the guys began to get a little bit chilly. So, we decided to go for a nice walk around the woods at Blakeley Lane, to warm up a little bit. The views were extremely autumnal!

When we got back to the campfire, we got out the fire steels and practiced some fire skills. The students would use the fire steels to light a piece of cotton wool.

Kettle boiling on the fire, that the students lit themselves.

A fantastic day was had by all staff and students. The Adventure Service hopes to see some familiar faces from Beech Academy at our Day Service soon.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Post-16 Taster Days, then please contact Lauren Ingram on 01623 232102 or email her at

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