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You're in the Hot Seat!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at The Adventure Service, we are finally getting back to some sort of normality and it feels sooooo good. This morning, we interviewed three groups of Adventurers to get a feel of how they are feeling to be back at TAS and how they are coping with the changes to how we are currently running things around here.

Group 1: Joseph, Gemma, Sinead

Lauren: So… Guys! How does it feel to be back at The Adventure Service?

Joseph: Nice and cool!

Lauren: Nice and cool? That is fab! So, you are happy to be back?

Joseph: Yes!

Lauren: Awesome. Gemma?

Gemma: [pause] It’s alright…

Lauren: It is “alright”?! Is that it?! [laughing]

Gemma: I miss being in bed all day.

Lauren: [laughing] Moving on to Sinead!

Sinead: Oh, I am glad to be back!

Lauren: Good!

Sinead: I am not bored anymore.

Lauren: Ace! Now, were any of you nervous about coming back? As we have had to make a

few changes, haven’t we?

Joseph: Not nervous.

Lauren: Just excited?

Joseph: Yes!

Lauren: Awesome, Gemma?

Gemma: Not really.

Lauren: Sinead, were you nervous?

Sinead: A little bit, I knew there would be a few changes and I do not like changes.

Lauren: Are you getting used to the changes we have had to make?

Sinead: Sort of. I find it hard. The temperature checks and hand sanitiser all the time.

Lauren: But they are important to keep you safe, aren’t they?

Sinead: Yes, it is important.

Lauren: What have you all been up to during lockdown? What activities have you been doing at home? What have you been doing to keep yourselves busy?

Joseph: Paint by numbers!

Lauren: I would love to see them; you will have to bring some in to show us.

Joseph: And jigsaws!

Lauren: Jigsaws? Awesome. Gemma? What you been up to?

Gemma: Erm, watching nature programs, Nintendo Switch and watching you guys on Facebook Live?

Lauren: That is what we like to hear Gem! Lots to keep you busy there. Sinead?

Sinead: Watching your stuff on Facebook Live. I liked the video with all the staff, and you were walking your dog!

Lauren: Ah yes, Poppy!

Amanda: I was kayaking in my garden!

[everybody laughs]

Lauren: Right, last question. What are you most looking forward to about being back at The Adventure Service! Joe?

Joseph: I am just happy and excited!

Lauren: Ah, lovely. Gemma?

Gemma: I have been looking forward to seeing the staff.

Lauren: Awesome, Sinead?

Sinead: I am just so glad to be back. I am hoping we can do more activities soon. Like canoeing and climbing.

Lauren: Thank you very much guys, you have been ace.

Group 2: Hannah, Jamie, Hayden

Lauren: So, guys. How does it feel to be back at The Adventure Service?

Hannah: I’m having much more fun than staying at home.

Lauren: Are you happy being back?

Hannah: Yes!

Lauren: Good to hear. Jamie?

Jamie: I am happy and excited!

Lauren: That’s what we like to hear! Hayden?

Hayden: I’m happy to see my friends and all the staff.

Lauren: Aw, bless you! So, were you nervous about coming back?

Hannah: No, I was just happy and excited.

Lauren: Were you nervous Jamie?

Jamie: Yes. For the first time coming in. I’m good now, good this time.

Lauren: Good! Glad you’re settled in. Hayden?

Hayden: Yes, I was very nervous.

Lauren: Do you feel better about it now?

Hayden: Yes! [excitedly] I am happy.

Lauren: What have you all been doing during lockdown?

Hannah: Bike riding, and like walking with my friends.

Lauren: I’ve done lots of walking as well. Jamie?

Jamie: Singing!

Lauren: I saw a video of you two singing You’ll Never Walk Alone during the Clap for Carers.

Jamie and Hayden: Yes!

Lauren: I loved it!

Hayden: I’ve been singing as well, having fun.

Lauren: Wicked. What have you missed the most about The Adventure Service?

Hannah: I have missed seeing my friends here.

Lauren: Jamie?

Jamie: [pause while thinking] I have missed my friends too.

Lauren: Aw, lovely. What about you Hayden?

Hayden: I’ve missed chatting to friends.

Lauren: Right, the last question is what are you most looking forward to now you are back?

Hannah: Going climbing.

Lauren: What are most looking forward to Jamie?

Jamie: To be back out in nature, yes!

Lauren: That’s a lovely answer, Jamie. Hayden?

Hayden: Erm, I want to sing to you all and say hello to people.

Lauren: Awesome, thank you very much guys!

Group 3: Mikolaj, Duncan, Dante.

Lauren: Okay. So, how does it feel to be back?

Mikolaj: I am happy.

Lauren: Oh, that’s good. Duncan, are you happy to be back at The Adventure Service?

Duncan: Yes.

Lauren: Brill! Dante, are you feeling happy about being back at The Adventure Service?

Dante: [nods] Yes!

Lauren: Are you excited?

Dante: [thumbs up and smiles]

Lauren: Good. Were you nervous about coming back at all?

Mikolaj: [long pause] Yes, because of the lockdown at the end of March. But I am okay now.

Lauren: Glad you’re okay now. Duncan, were you worried?

Ducan: Yes.

Lauren: What were you worried about?

Duncan: Coming to Mansfield Woodhouse.

Lauren: Ah yeah, because you normally go to Top Valley. It is a bit different here. Dante, were you worried about coming here?

Dante: [nods]

Lauren: Ah, bless you. But you’re all doing so well! So, what activities have you been doing during lockdown?

Mikolaj: Some biking at home, and we sometimes went for a long walk near Beeston. We saw some water! We also got some groceries with my Dad at the shop and we made lovely food with Dad.

Lauren: [gasp] That sounds super cool. Duncan, what have you been up to?

Duncan: Lockdown walk! Walks with Mum.

Lauren: Lockdown walks, sounds great! Dante, did you go for any walks with Mum during lockdown?

Dante: Hmm! [nods]

Lauren: Awesome. So, what have you missed the most about The Adventure Service?

Mikolaj: I have been watching the videos on Facebook and phone calls which stopped me missing you as much.

Lauren: Aw, bless you. Duncan. What did you miss about The Adventure Service?

Duncan: I miss going to Top Valley, centre.

Lauren: Did you miss us, Dante?

Dante: Yes. [nods]

Lauren: We missed you too. What are you most looking forward to now you are back?

Mikolaj: [pause] I am most excited about going back to Top Valley.

Lauren: Aw, lovely! Duncan, what about you?

Duncan: Going to Top Valley.

Lauren: Is Woodhouse really that bad?

Duncan: I like Mansfield Woodhouse. But I’ll be at Top Valley next week!

Lauren: Oh goodie! Dante? Are you excited to be back here with your friends? Ready to go back on walks with your friends?

Dante: [thumbs up and smiles]

Lauren: Great answers guys, thank you!

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