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Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The Adventure Service have had an extremely exciting morning at Mansfield 103.2 today.

We have had several meetings with Paul Chadbourne from the station, regarding things they can offer us. One of the opportunities they offered to us was to be the sponsor for their ‘Who’s Taking Care of Business?’ show that airs on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm. We were very keen and interested in this opportunity, so got the contract signed rather quickly.

Five people in a radio studio.
(left) Paul Chadbourne, Helen, Lauren, Terry and Tony Delahunty

Paul then got in contact offering us an interview slot on the show itself, which is what Terry, Helen and Lauren went to record this morning! They arrived at about 10am and were introduced to James Brandon, who is the producer of the show, and Tony Delahunty, who is a presenter and managing director.

Producer and two TAS staff members in a radio recording studio.
(left) James Brandon, Helen and Lauren.

The Mansfield 103.2 guys were all very super friendly and made our staff feel comfortable (as they were very nervous!) and made them a nice cuppa. Both sets of staff sat and chatted a bit about how it was going to run. Then it was time to take to the studio and get recording.

We spoke about all kinds of things, from weaselling to winning awards to the village of Ollerton! The presenters seemed very interested in the work we do and the things we have to offer. The Adventure Service were in the studio for about 45 minutes and it was really relaxed, just like chatting to somebody on the bus. We also got to pick four songs to be played throughout the show and all our songs related to outdoor adventure and Bushcraft!

Terry was then asked to go LIVE on air, he was literally asked last minute. Tony wanted to ask him about weaselling and what it was. It was a running joke throughout the show.

Terry, boss, in a radio recording booth.
Terry going LIVE on Mansfield 103.2

Terry, Helen and Lauren really enjoyed this morning. It was a fantastic morning. If you want to listen to The Adventure Service on to the ‘Who’s Taking Care of Business?’ show, then it will be aired on Wednesday the 17th July at 6:00PM. Make sure you listen in!

Helen, Lauren and Terry.

The Adventure Service will also be taking part in Barghy’s Business Belters week commencing Monday 19th August 2019. You will hear several of our staff talking about their favourite songs and that is every day of that week at 11:30am.

Its all very exciting. Thank you to Mansfield 103.2 for all these wonderful opportunities.

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