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Terry's Walking Survival Checklist!

When out walking for a day in the UK, it is essential that you take certain items with you, to ensure your safety and most importantly your fun. It is a great way to explore, with friends and family, or even on your own. Walking is also a great way of maintaining fitness and costs little to undertake. (Result!)

Selfie of Directors on a walk in the Peaks.
Terry and Helen on a walk.

Whether you want to go and explore some of the UK’s amazing National Parks (Such as the Peak District or Lake District) or stay closer to home, the places to go are numerous; with many guidebooks and resources available online.

Mam Tor in the Peak District.
Peak District.

Terry’s walking checklist:

  • Backpack – This doesn’t need to be an expensive backpack, but things that may need to be considered are - Can I fit all the items in comfortably on the list? Does the bag have comfortable straps for carrying the weight? Does the bag have a hip belt? (These aids both with weight carrying and stability!

Service User posing for a photo on a walk in the peaks.
Adventurer Colin on a walk.

  • Waterproofs – It is essential to always take waterproofs even if the weather forecast is set for a dry day. (You know how British weather can be!) Waterproofs should ideally be breathable!

  • Hiking boots or shoes – Good quality walking boots/shoes are an essential part of you walking kit and will help you feel comfortable for the journey you are undertaking.

A portrait photo of a service users walking through some woodland.
Jessie enjoying some walking with The Adventure Service.

  • Plenty of food – Lightweight high calorie foods are best and always take more than you think you need; I usually always keep sweets in my bag for that energy boost as you are walking up that hill. Plus, we all love sweets!

  • Plenty of water - Again more than you think you will need.

  • Navigation tools (map and compass) – Never venture into the great outdoors without a map and compass and the ability to use them! DO NOT rely on mobile phones, as they can break easily or run out of power. A GPS is always a good addition to any outdoor kit but know how to use this before you venture out.

Service user in Peak District using a GPS to navigate.
Adventurer, Amy, using a GPS while out on a walk.

  • First-aid kit – This doesn’t have to be expensive! A small first aid kit from a local supermarket will be more than adequate for the purposes of a day walk in the UK. Knowing how to administer first aid is also very important.

  • Penknife or multi-tool - This needs to be just a small penknife or multi-tool. Always be aware of the laws surrounding the carrying of blades. Ensure that any blades you carry are stored safely in you backpack.

Service user posing for a portrait photograph, in some woodland, while on a walk.
Joe enjoying his walk.

  • Torch/Head torch – This is essential to carry as you may misjudge the time you need to complete your walk and may finish in the dark. (Spooky!)

  • Mobile phone – Always carry a fully charged phone and take note where you get a signal. This is a great tool for summoning help if required, but also to take photographs of you day out. You can also take a portable charger for when your mobile runs out of battery.

My checklist isn’t exhaustive. You will add to the items you may want to take as you skills and confidence increases, and your journeys demand other more specialised kit. However, from a limited outlay you can have many exciting adventures in the great outdoors of the United Kingdom.

Below is a checklist for you to prepare for your walk!

A checklist of what to take walking with you.
Terry's Survival Checklist!

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