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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Superstar Trainee Instructors Margaret Lamb and Dave Craggs have both passed their IOL (Institute of Outdoor Learning) Bushcraft Competency Assessment. We couldn’t be prouder of them both.

Margaret Lamb

The IOL Bushcraft Competency Award is for instructors, leaders and teachers who want to demonstrate that they have a basic level of safe and competent bushcraft skills and are following recommended good practice. The training course is recommended for people who want to progress to the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate. Courses are delivered by some of the most experienced trainers of bushcraft in the country. The course content was designed by the IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice group and is delivered by independent providers.

Their assessor was Dave from Woodland Survival Crafts. The assessor looks closely at the instructor’s skills in the following areas: shelter building, knife skills, saws, fire, natural navigation, string, tree knowledge, water, and the bow drill. Below are some of Dave’s comments on how Mags and Dave got on.

“I was really quite taken by the two of them for different reasons. Dave showed a good deal of confidence and clarity of understanding in several subjects. I am not sure what words to use to describe Margaret. Deep down determination is part of it nut there is far more to her than meets the eye. The way she approached and executed the bow drill was quite something to watch.”

Shelter Building “Both of them gave thorough information on this. Dave picked up on a lot of details and his explanations clearly highlighted what he was taught.”

Knife Skills “Their knife skills seemed quite good. They were using good techniques. It was picked up on the importance of having a good grip on the wood, which can be compromised with some gloves.”

Saw “Saws were really clear and good from both of them!”

Fire “Again, fire skills were pretty good!”

Natural Navigation “Some areas of strength, such as awareness of the movement of the sun at different times of the year, creating different lines and arcs.”

String “All quite good here! Both clearly enjoyed making it, especially Margaret!”

Tree Knowledge “On the whole, there was noticeable levels of confidence here. For the most part, they were correct and confident.”

Water “Water was rather good! It was clearly a subject they use a lot in sessions as there was plenty of experience from which to draw out what I wanted.”

Bow Drill “Although Dave got a little frustrated on this before he got it to work, I don’t think there is anything I would say was down to poor training. Margaret’s set up was a bit of genius. Absolutely ideal for her!”

“So overall rather good. Keep it up and all the best to you over the next months.”

Dave Craggs

We really appreciate Dave’s comments on our two Trainee Instructors. They are both so pleased as are the rest of the staff team. We are so proud of you both and all your hard work!

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