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On the Ropes, Again!

Happy New Year, Adventurers! What better way to start 2020 then our first Adult Short Break of the year? On Friday, our guys all set off for a fun filled weekend packed with Adventure!

Two individuals in blue helmets outdoor clothes, preparing to take part in a low ropes course.
Dan and Brett ready to take part in the low ropes course!

The Adult Short Break took place at Thornbridge Outdoors, in the Peak District, last weekend and a fabulous time was had by all. All Adventurers set off, some from Mansfield Woodhouse and some from Top Valley, and they all met at the accommodation on Friday Evening. It was very exciting as we had some new attendees, so all our regular guys were eager to socialise and get to know the new faces.

Everyone got settled into their dorms and made their beds, before hurrying down for some tea. A scrumptious pasta bolognese was enjoyed that our Day Service guys prepared earlier that day. Everyone then chilled out and socialised, before heading off to bed at around 10am.

Early start on Saturday! Our Adventurers were up for 7am with a busy day ahead of them. The guys got tucked into breakfast, sausage sandwiches and cereals! They all needed to be fuelled up for the activities ahead. Once everybody was ready, each person was put into one of two groups. One group was off the do high ropes course with Mala, Lee and Amanda, while the other group was off to do the low ropes course with Terry, Sarah and David.

A man smiling, wearing a purple helmet taking part in a low ropes course.
Colin enjoying the low ropes course!

Many smiles were displayed, and many giggles shared during the activity. Our Adventurers were having so much fun and it was wonderful to see.

They stopped to have lunch around midday. Everybody made their own sandwiches and grabbed a bag of crisps before swapping activities.

A female outdoor instructor strapping a service user into a harness.
Instructor, Amanda, preparing Adventurer, Daniel, for the high ropes course!

Mala, Lee and Amanda took their group to the low ropes course, while Terry, Sarah and David went on to do the high ropes course.

An individual in red trousers and a blued helmet on a high ropes course
Colin enjoying the high ropes course.

After a busy day, it was time for tea. Our Adventurers enjoyed some yummy fish served with new potatoes, mixed vegetables and parsley sauce. How good does that sound?! A tasty fruit crumble was for dessert, which everybody loved! It was then relaxing time, where everyone had a bit of a chat and settled down with a film.

A deserved lie in was had on Sunday, as everyone was shattered from working so hard the day before! A late breakfast was enjoyed, some had cereals and fruit juice while others had a cooked breakfast. It was a laidback and relaxed morning filled with conversation and chilling. Everyone tidied up and got their stuff together before enjoying some soup and tiger bread for lunch. Then, it was home time.

The Adventure Service provides multiple Adult Short Breaks a year for individuals with learning disabilities and additional support needs. If you would like to find out more, then please visit the Adult Short Break page on our website…

A young lady on high ropes
Adventurer, Nicola, conquering her phobia of heights!

A list of our 2020 Adult Short Breaks can be seen below…

Alternatively, please contact Lenka Middleton, our Adult Short Breaks Coordinator, to find out more information. You can phone on 01623 232102 or email her on

An individual in a blue helmet taking part in a low ropes course.
Frankie taking part in the low ropes course.

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