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Hup Two, Three, Four!

21-year-old, Duncan Jones, has attended The Adventure Service for several years. He is a friendly young man, with a fantastic sense of humour, who likes to try new things and keep himself busy.

Adventurer in the woods.
Duncan on one of our sessions.

Duncan’s mother, Linda, has always praised The Adventure Service and all we have done for her son.

She said:

“The Adventure Service is such a brilliant provision. The staff have given my son the opportunity to have physical exercise, be part of a social group and develop his independence. Most importantly, they are continuing to help Duncan overcome his fear around dogs and animals, which 2 blocks of support from CAMHS failed to help. Duncan absolutely loves attending The Adventure Service. I am so grateful that he is able to access such a wonderful service.”

Adventurer walking a dog through the woods.
Duncan walking Broc, our Adventure Dog.

Duncan has achieved many things since joining The Adventure Service, but recently he accomplished his biggest challenge yet of climbing Snowdon, back in September. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea level, and the highest point in the British Isles outside the Scottish Highland.

Mount Snowdon

The challenge was set for a group of 50 people, all with Autism, for Autism East Midlands 50th birthday celebrations. The walk was to raise funds for their organisation and Duncan has raised an impressive £350 so far! Duncan won the Young Person of the Year award at Autism East Midlands, earlier this year, so he was certainly going to take part and raise money.

Duncan accepting an award.
Duncan winning the Young Person of the Year award. Photo Credit: Autism East Midlands.

His mother said:

“He went up Snowdon with no bother at all. Some of the others were struggling and Duncan kept shouting “Hup two, hup two. Keep going!” That’s my boy! His time at The Adventure Service prepared him very well for this challenge. I am so very proud of him!”

As are we, Duncan. Well done on such an impressive achievement. Keep up the good work!

Group walking up Snowdon.

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