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Holy Water Filtration

Last week, Terry made his way to Horsley Church in Derbyshire to help Helen’s Dad, David, with a service on water.

Terry was asked to deliver a water filtration activity at the service, to show those present the ways of cleaning and purifying water. You can complete the process of water filtration by using the bottle method or the millbank bag method – Both of which are explained below!

Terry and David at Horsley Church.

Millbank Bag.


· 1 millbank bag

· Clear plastic beaker.

· Bucket of clean water

· Bucket of dirty/muddy water


1. Grab a millbank bag. (You can make one by sewing cut outs of old scruffy jeans together!)

2. Soak the millbank bag in CLEAN water.

3. Grab a clear plastic beaker.

4. Fill you millbank bag with dirty/muddy water.

5. Allow the water to drip through, from the bottom of your millbank bag, through to your clear beaker. (This may take time, so be patient!)

6. Re-add the water from the beaker to the millbank bag to filter the water further and repeat until water is clear.

Bottle Filter.


· Empty drinks bottle

· Scissors

· Cloth

· Sand

· Gravel

· Bucket of dirty/mucky water

· Clear plastic beaker.


1. Collect an empty water bottle and cut it in half with some scissors. (Keep the end with the rim of the bottle!)

2. Add the cloth and push it into neck of the bottle, leaving a point coming out the neck.

3. Put in 1 scoop of sand.

4. Put in 1 scoop of gravel. (Optional: You can add other materials, such as grass and twigs, to aid filtration.)

5. Fill your bottle up with dirty/muddy water.