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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Finally, a bit of normality. We are so excited to be open again and to see your wonderful faces. If you don’t know already, here is how The Adventure Service Lite is going to go down.

We reopened our doors on Monday, (15th June 2020) offering a reduced Day Service. We now take in 10 Adventurers (two groups of five) that can attend the service and go out locally, if social distancing is still followed. To support social distancing, we are running staggered start and finish times, group one starts the day at 9am and finish at 3pm with group two starting the day at 10am and finish at 4pm.

We are continuing to offer the Facebook Live sessions twice daily along with individual video calls and phone calls on the days of normal attendance.

Everyone has their temperature taken as they enter the building and anybody with a temperature higher that 37.5c will be asked to go home and follow Government Guidance on self-isolation.

We have staggered start times of 9am and 10am. We are supporting our Adventurers to maintain social distancing, with markings outside the building. Adventurers will then be sign posted to the room in which their allocated group will meet. The groups will average 5 Adventurers per day with either 2 or 3 staff depending on need. The tables will be set up to support social distancing with only the required number of chairs set out for that day. Photographs of each Adventurer will be set out on the tables in a pre-planned seating arrangement.

The downstairs classroom and the upstairs classroom have both been decorated and they look FAB! The doors and walls have been painted and the whole place looks much tidier.

Groups go out in the local community, as we cannot use our minibuses currently. Our groups have been going to Pleasley Vale and Oxclose Woods. We are following the social distancing rules too, along with carrying hand sanitiser, face masks aprons and plastic disposal bags always.

We are ever so excited to see you and to have you back!

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