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Groovy Grass Heads!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Were you watching our twice daily Facebook Lives? Who am I kidding? Of course, you were!

A couple of weeks ago, Activity Support Worker, Luan made a groovy grass head and called it Shrock. I know, great name, right? But look at Shrock now and how much his hair has grown! He’s got a funky mullet going on and we love it.

A grass head.
Shorck's Awesome Hair Do!

If you missed the video and want to make your own grass head, then don’t you worry. We have the instructions for you to make your very own below…


· Pop Socks

· Grass Seeds

· Compost

· Googley Eyes

· Felt

· Loom Bands

· PVA Glue

· Plastic Cup

· Water


1. Grab a pop sock and put a handful of grass seeds inside. (Not too many!)

2. Then grab a couple of handfuls of compost and add this to your sock. (The amount of compost you add depends on how plump you would like your grass head!)

3. Once your sock is as full and plump as you’d like, tie a knot in the bottom of your pop sock.

4. Then its time to make a nose and some ears. Pinch a bit of soil in your sock and twist to make the shape of a nose. Tie the nose in place with a loom band. (Do this again with smaller bits to make ears if you like.

5. Stick on some googley eyes on and some felt for a mouth. (You may have to cut the felt into some mouth shapes. Luan even made eyebrows on his!)

6. Once you are happy with how your grass heads face looks, fill a plastic cup with water.

7. Pop your grass head in the glass of water so it sits comfortably.

8. Wait a couple of weeks for your grass to begin to grow.

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