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Feeding us your feedback!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Inviting regular parent / carer feedback enables the staff and management at The Adventure Service Ltd to understand what we do well.... and identify areas for improvement.

This feedback is vital to our day to day activities and helps us shape the way we provide services and facilities to our esteemed Adventurers.

Whilst positive, pleasant feedback is accepted and appreciated, constructive and dare we say, ‘negative’ feedback has been found to be more helpful to us to encourage the alteration of our practices - ensuring what we offer is equal to, or beyond, the expectation of parents, carers and adventurers alike.

Our recent feedback poll has received lots of glowing responses including; well organised, reliable, trustworthy, inclusive, fun, friendly, supportive, varied, caring, meaningful and fantastic value for money – to name but a few!

Other, more in-depth feedback includes “My son has always enjoyed being outdoors in nature. It seems calming. At the same time he gets to exercise and learn new skills. He seems to really enjoy his relationship with Staff and being with his peers. He always seems happy and excited to come to The Adventure Service. It's great that Adventurers have this exciting and fun provision. I think there are many positive outcomes for well being and inclusion. We are lucky to have it in Notts”.

Another adds “I love that my son gets so many opportunities for new and exciting experiences. He gets to be outside in nature, be active, spend time in a group of friends, and I think he is also given time to do mindful calming things. It's a really wonderful thing you are all achieving for these young people... many thanks to all the staff”

And “It helps my son communicate with others like himself and develop friendships. I love the fact they help with independence and get him out in the fresh air doing all sorts of amazing things that I probably wouldn't do with him. He always looks forward to his time with Adventure Service. Staff are very caring and patient too”.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out the feedback questionnaire. We've received lots of interesting suggestions to take onboard which could help us shape future provision.

Some of the replies we are currently looking into include;

  • offering social events for families

  • extending our Short Break provision for 2025

  • a text service to notify Adventurers of the activities they will be undertaking the next day

  • evening workshops

  • introducing a day service in Derbyshire

  • week long excursions/breaks

  • improving the way we feed back to parents / carers.

Please keep sharing your ideas, suggestions and observations with us and together we can improve The Adventure Service Ltd for the benefit of all our valued Adventurers.

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