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Easy Peasy Treesy.

With the spring sunshine and summer months on the way, I should hope that many of you will be spending much more time outside. With this in mind, what a fabulous time to work on your tree identification. Below are some facts to help you with your tree ID.


  • Red berries (DO NOT PICK OR EAT)

  • Scaly brown bark

  • Evergreen (has leaves all year)

  • All parts of the tree are poisonous

  • Wood not food safe (burning or utensils)


  • It has Catkins

  • Hazel nuts grown in the summer

  • Good to make bow drill with

  • Food safe (burning or utensils)

  • Bark -Silver grey to pale brown, sometimes peeling


  • Acorn’s grow on them in summer

  • Takes 40 years to grow its first acorn’s

  • Bark – Pale grey with deep ridges

  • Good for making furniture (hard wood)

  • Ships in the Navy was built from oak wood


  • Bark – brown with shallow ridges

  • Leave is lobed, glossy and green leaves

  • Good fire wood

  • Also known as the May-tree. (Due to its flowering period). Only tree named for the month it blooms

  • The red berries have a star shape on the bottom also the berries can be good to make medicine


  • Bark is silver grey and smooth

  • Contains beech nuts which are in a prickly husk (look on floor may see these near the tree)

  • Good hard wood to use for furniture and flooring.

  • The wood is good for fire wood

  • Winter bubs are distinctively, sharply pointed and not pressed against the twigs

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