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Dylan, the Computer Wiz!

The Adventure Service would like to send a HUGE congratulations and GOOD LUCK to our Adventurer, Dylan, who has just begun studying for a Foundation Degree at Confetti, Nottingham.

Dylan is 22 years old and attends our Top Valley Day Service. He’s enjoyed being one of our Adventurers for over 4 years now and is very popular with both staff and his peers. We really enjoy his sarcastic humour and wealth of knowledge on computer technology.

Dylan is very excited about his computer course!

Dylan has been accepted onto a Computer Games Technology foundation degree at the Confetti Institute, which is part of Nottingham Trent University. This is a two-year course, with the option for a third year to ‘top up’ to a BSc (Hons).

In June 2019, Dylan finished and successfully passed his previous two-year course in Computer Games Tech Level 3 (also at the Confetti Institute) to gain access to study for his foundation degree.

Dylan is a huge computer games fan and says he’s loved games for as long as he can remember. His current favourite game is Horizon Dark Zero, an action role-playing game, where a world has been overturned by machines! Dylan would love to go into designing computer games in the future and says it would be his ideal career.

A shot from Dylan's favourite game.

Dylan is vision impaired and when asked how this affects his computer skills, his response was as amusing as always;

“I probably should use specialist equipment but I’m just stubborn. I just use the

normal keyboard. I found it really difficult at first but now I put most people to shame!”

With that attitude and sense of humour, Dylan should breeze through his degree course and everyone at The Adventure Service wish him all the best. We are all so proud of you, Dylan!


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