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Crafty Staff Training

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Last Tuesday (26.02.2019) our Day Service Manager, Mala, and Outdoor Instructor, Lee, delivered some copper and antler training to our staff team. The training was well attended by around 16/17 staff and there was a pleasant and positive atmosphere in the building!

3 members of staff sawing some wood around a table.
Clare, Luan and Sarah at the training evening.

The training evening was a great way for the staff to strengthen their craft skills and become more efficient specifically in making jewellery using copper, pewter, antler and pine resin.

A lady using a drill.
Mags showing off her skills.

On arrival, the staff made a cuppa and then got sat down. Lee and Mala then showed the group some examples of the jewellery they had made before with Day Service Groups.

A gentleman using a saw.
Dave, hard at work!

The staff then took a few minutes to draw a design on a piece of paper, that they would like to make.

Lady using a little saw to saw some wood in a clamp on a table.
Clare, getting stuck in.

They then created the jewellery and they looked fab!

The staffs fabulous jewellery!

Now the staff are able to deliver this training to our Day Service Adventurers and the students that are part of our Education provision.

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