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Community Conservation Project

The Adventure Service have joined up with the Green Spaces Team at Nottingham County Council, as part of a community conservation project along the Linby Trail. The purpose of the project is to manage one side of the trail as an open grassland, to encourage plant species beneficial to invertebrates, such as butterflies and bees.

The Adventurers have been helping by cutting back the encroaching vegetation to keep the grassland open. This is a labour-intensive process which involves the removal of small trees and bracken using a variety of hand tools such as saws, loppers and rakes. In doing so they are supporting the biodiversity of Nottinghamshire and managing a public area for the greater Nottinghamshire public to enjoy.

Adventurer, Tom, helping out.

The project works alongside members of the public, giving our Adventurers the opportunities meet new people and develop their skills. A regular group of Adventures attend the project once a month, providing continuity and the chance for them to see the progression of their work.


We are very thankful to the Green Spaces Team for our involvement in this project and look forward to seeing the site develop and its impact on the local environment.

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