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Brilliant Bryony!

NEW STAFF ALERT (Seriously, this is the last one!) Please meet our wonderful new Trainee Outdoor Instructor, Bryony Lewis.

Bryony Lewis

Bryony started at TAS this week and it’s like she’s always been here! She came across fabulously in her interview and her interaction with the Adventurers was brilliant. We were very impressed.

Like Katrina, Bryony has had to relocate from Worcestershire for this job, which shows a remarkable amount of dedication! She has experience as an Activity Instructor and a Residential Care Worker, primarily working with children in schools, centres, and residential homes.

Let’s find out a little bit more about Bryony!

  • Here is a list of Bryony’s Qualifications and Training…

  • Rock Climbing Instructor

  • Paddlesports Instructor

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Personal Trainer

  • Level 2 Activity Leadership Qual

  • Mountain Leader Training

  • GB Archery Training

  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training

  • NSPCC Safeguarding Training

Here are some fun facts about Bryony…

  • Her go to hot drink is coffee with oat milk and no sugar.

  • Her favourite place in the world is Pentecost Island. This part of Vanuatu near Australia. Bryony likes it as the people there are friendly and live off the land. All the houses are made plants and mud.

  • She worked and lived on a cruise ship for tow years, sailing around Australia and the Pacific Islands.

  • Her favourite Disney film is Pocahontas!

  • She loves to explore the mountains and travel to as many countries as possible.

  • She was locked down in the Amazon Jungle for 8 weeks at the beginning of the year. Bryony says it was lots of fun.

We are extremely excited about Bryony's future here at The Adventure Service.

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