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Around the Table

We are continuing to be radio stars, surely soon we are going to be famous.

Today, our Head of Marketing, Lauren, visited Mansfield 103.2 to take part in a show called Around the Table. She was joined by John Wakeland from the Mansfield Male Voice Choir. We had two very different aspects here.

Four individuals in a radio recording studio.
James Brandon (Left), Tony Delahunty, Lauren and John, (Right) from the Mansfield Male Voice Choir.

The Around the Table show is aired Monday-Thursday at 6pm and lasts approximately half an hour. They will have a male and a female on the show, where they discuss trending topics and today's pressing issues. There is also an Around the Table show that airs on a Friday evening are dedicated to sport, James Brandon and Jason Harrison have a great time talking about this.

The shows on the other weekdays are hosted by Tony Delahunty, who Lauren has already had the pleasure of meeting, when we went to record the Who’s Taking Care Business show. She also got to meet the editor and producer again, James Brandon.

Lauren arrived at Mansfield 103.2 on Tuesday morning, just after 11:15am, ready to talk the ears off everybody. The topic was the social aspects of The Adventure Service and the Mansfield Male Voice Choir. Exercise and sport were mentioned, along with the sustainability of the planet and Donald Trump.

There was even time for us all to sing a bit of a song. Anyone heard of The Gas Man Cometh? John led the way, while Paul and Sarah from the station joined Lauren with the back up vocals.

Four people stood in a recording studio.
Lauren, (Left) John, Paul and Sarah.

Keep your eyes pealed on our Facebook page, where we will let you know when this is airing!

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