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A Taste of TAS.

It is getting to that point in the academic year where those Post-16 students need to think about what to do when they leave school and enter adult life. Here at The Adventure Service, we like to try and make that decision easier for those with learning disabilities and additional support needs that will be stepping out to the world of Day Service’s.

We aid teenagers leaving school, to trial our Day Service and have a feel for what’s available to them, once leaving school. During the academic year, we are very busy delivering FREE Post-16 Taster Days to different SEN Schools in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area.

A student from Newark Orchard School dressing up in camouflaged clothing.
Sam is a camo expert!

Our Taster Days all take place at Blakeley Lane Campsite in Warsop, where a range of Bushcraft activities can be chosen for the students to take part in. Already this year we have delivered FREE Taster Days to several schools such as Ashgate Croft School in Chesterfield, Stanton Vale School in Long Eaton and Yeoman Park Academy in Mansfield Woodhouse.

The Adventure Service staff and Newark Orchard staff and students listening to the explanation of the team games.
Instructor, Harry, leading some team games.

On Monday, we were joined my Newark Orchard School in Newark. They met up with Lee, Amanda, Harry and Lauren at Blakeley Lane Campsite for a fun day of outdoor adventure. On their arrival, the students joined Harry in making some hot drinks for the group, because there’s nothing better than a sweet hot chocolate in this cold weather. The students sat around the campfire while Lee gave them a bit of information on lighting fires and kelly kettles.

The Newark Orchard students sat around the campfire at Blakeley Lane Campsite.
Campfire time!

After that, it was pizza time! Everyone sat on the picnic benches with a bunch of chopping boards and ingredients. It was the guys mission to chop all these up to chuck on the pizzas as toppings. We had mushrooms, onions, peppers, ham and peperoni. All the veg was chopped finely and perfectly. Then everybody was giving a wrap to spread some tomato puree on and sprinkle some cheese all over. Lee then popped them in Blakeley Lane’s infamous pizza ovens to cook. The wraps were so yummy, even the staff got to enjoy one! Nothing quite like a bushcraft pizza.

A Newark orchard student eating a bushcraft pizza.
Joseph loved his first ever bushcraft pizza!

After dinner time, it was time for camouflage games as suggested by two students from Newark Orchard. Everyone got covered in camo paint and put all the best high-end camouflaged hoodies and coats on, even the staff were involved and painted each other up!

The Adventure Serviced outdoor instructor with his face covered in camouflaged paint.
Is that Lee? Or just floating glasses?

Harry lead the team games. The students played hide and seek, shrinking islands and red card run. Hide and seek is self-explanatory! Shrinking island is where you make a rope into an ‘island’ and the entire group must fit inside the circle of rope, but it keeps getting smaller and smaller! Red card run is where the group is split into two teams and each team has half a deck. Somebody holds up the first card in the deck and if it’s a red one the person must run. First team to get through the entire deck wins!

A Newark Orchard Student playing the Red Card Run Game at Blakeley Lane Campsite.
Go on Sam! Your team are cheering you on!

Finally, all the group sat around the campfire to reflect on the fabulous day had by all. We all went through our favourite part of the day; we had some lovely answers.

One student, Joseph said;

“I have really enjoyed talking to The Adventure Service Staff. They were awesome!”

If you are interested in finding out more about our Post-16 Taster Days, then please contact Lauren Ingram on 01623 232102 or email her at

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