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A Successful Time of Inspections

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

At the end of last year The Adventure Service had a TWO of important inspections one from Learning Outside the Classroom for our quality badge and one from the Adventure Activity Licencing Authority. These inspections are very important to the overall operation of The Adventure Service.

The Adventure Activity Licence inspects our health and safety procedures and practices, although this is primarily aimed at ensuring the safety of children, it is a process we use across the service to ensure the safety of all our Adventure’s. The process involves firstly sending all our health and safety policies and procedures to an inspector who reviewed these and checked that they are all up to the required standards. We then met with the inspector on line to discuss our safety procedures and how they work in practice. The final part of the inspection involved the inspector visiting the service looking at our equipment storage and interviewing Instructors on the safety procedures they follow and implement. This was a very successful inspection with a 2 year licence granted.

The Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge is a nationally recognised indicator of high quality teaching, it is the only national award combining the essential elements of learning and safety - into a trusted accreditation scheme.

The inspection entailed an inspector visiting the service and looking at our learning plans then joining a group and watching the teaching of a session, again this was a very successful inspection with The Adventure Service being award not only the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge but the Adventure Mark as well.

A special thanks to our fantastic staff team, they make us really proud!

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