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A Slice of Fun

Last Wednesday Bracken Hill School joined The Adventure Service at Blakeley Lane Campsite in Worsop. We aid teenagers leaving school, to trial our Day Service and have a feel for what’s available to them, once leaving school. During the academic year, we are usually very busy delivering FREE Post-16 Taster Days to different SEN Schools in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area.

Adventurer making dough
Adventurer, Gemma, making some pizza dough

On this day, the group of students made some Bushcraft pizzas and did a kelly kettle challenge. The group consisted of Year 10 students, many of which have been taking part in the Education Provision activities with our Instructor, Andy.

Bushcraft Pizzas

Adventurers Brett, Gemma and Marcia came along to assist the students and help them with the activities throughout the day. In the morning, the group made bushcraft pizzas. The toppings included tomato puree, cheese, ham, pepperoni, onion and pepper. They were then cooked in our pizza ovens and maintained by Lee.

Harvey enjoyed his pizza!

All the students really enjoyed their pizzas. They were so yummy!

After dinner, the Adventurers then went on to do fire skills and kelly kettle activities. The students all had a go with a fire steel and a flint and steel. Warren then showed the group how to use a kelly kettle to boil water and they then used the water to make a nice cuppa.

Kelly Kettle

We had positive feedback from the teachers that attended the Taster Day.

“The group had a great day. They all enjoyed the fire starting and pizza making. They also liked playing ninja and meeting the Adventurers. It was nice for us to see Brett again, an old pupil.”

The group playing ninja.

“The day was lovely. All the children were able to access the activities. The staff were friendly and supportive. It was nice to work with the Adventurers. The fire lighting fitted in with what the students are learning in science, so the activities had cross-curricular links.”

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