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Day Service

The Adventure Service Ltd operates three Day Services in Nottinghamshire.


Mansfield Woodhouse opened August 2011 Top Valley Day Service launched April 2015

Chesterfield commences September 2023.


All centres provide specialist outdoor activities for adults with learning disabilities.

Explore The Adventure Service: Your Path to Personal Growth and Development

At The Adventure Service, we empower individuals to work towards personal goals and target achievements through expert guidance and support. Our unique approach focuses on developing skills that extend beyond the adventure experience, enhancing your abilities for various aspects of life. For instance, mastering the art of preparing and cooking a meal over an open fire equips you with practical skills for independent living. Additionally, our group volunteering activities provide insights into teamwork and the dynamics of working life.

Our Adventurers benefit from personalized learning plans and person-centered planning to create tailored, achievable goals that align with their aspirations


Transportation and Equipment

For your convenience, please arrange your transportation to and from your selected center, whether it's Mansfield Woodhouse or Top Valley. While we provide all the specialized equipment needed for your adventure, we recommend that you come prepared with walking boots, a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, and a day sack for your personal comfort and safety.

Connect with Us

To learn more about our Mansfield Woodhouse Day Service, feel free to get in touch with our Mansfield Woodhouse Day Service Manager, Mala Ramsamooj, at 07715 263 780 or via email at

For information about our Top Valley Day Service, please reach out to our Top Valley Day Service Manager, April Ulyatt, at 07544 084 883 or email her at

Get Involved Today!

Embark on your adventure with The Adventure Service and start your journey toward personal growth and development. Join us today!

2023-2024 Day Service Fees
  • Nottinghamshire County Council (Managed Budgets - Top Valley and Mansfield Woodhouse Service):​

    • Standard: £58.11/day

      • One-to-One Support: Additional £81.35/day​Nottinghamshire County (Direct Payments - Top Valley and Mansfield Woodhouse Service):

        • Standard: £63.28/day

        • One-to-One Support: Additional £88.60/day

  • Nottingham City (Top Valley and Mansfield Woodhouse Service):

    • Standard: £58.73/day

    • One-to-One Support: Additional £82.22/day

  • Derbyshire County Council (Mansfield Woodhouse Service):

    • Standard: £57.37/day

    • One-to-One Support: Additional £80.33/day

  • Chesterfield Service:

    • Standard: £65.00/day

    • One-to-One Support: Additional £90.00/day

Please note that fee variations across counties are determined by regional allowances and are not influenced by The Adventure Service Ltd.

For inquiries, contact our Business Manager at 01623 232102.


Colin tries his hand at archery during a visit to Blakeley Lane Campsite.


Lloyd and Joel have no time for photographs whilst orienteering.


Moama taking part in camouflage activities.


Colin taking part in bushcraft activities.


Lots of smiles from Alex whilst weaselling at Higger Tor.



  • Bushcraft​

  • Moutain Biking 

  • Hillwalking

  • Climbing, Weaselling and Abseiling

  • Air Rifle Shooting

  • Orienteering and Geocaching

  • Canoeing

  • Group Volunteering

  • Archery

  • Navigation

Opening  Times

Park Road_edited.jpg
top valley_edited.jpg

Park Road Resource Centre:
Monday to Friday:

9am until 4pm


Top Valley Centre:
Monday to Friday:

9am until 4pm

centre closures 

Due to bank holidays, public holidays etc. The Adventure Service will be closed on the following days:

  • 29th May 2023- Spring Bank Holiday

  • 28th August 2023 - Summer Bank Holiday 

  • 25th December 2023 - Christmas Day

  • 26th December 2023 - Boxing Day


Do you know someone who would like to become an Adventurer?

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Please click the link below to fill out an initial contact form and a member of our team will be in touch very shortly!

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