The Big Outdoor Experience

This event is for up to 1250 children and you may choose up to 4 activities.


This package includes:

  • A training session for your staff team.

  • An experienced instructor to support the school staff to deliver each activity.

  • All resource materials.

  • All instructors will be first aid trained.


Activities can include:

  • Clay animals

  • Camo games

  • Adjective hunt

  • Den/shelter building

  • Orienteering

  • Kelly kettle

  • Water filtration

  • Pizza making

  • Bread Baking

Kelly Kettle activitity.
Shelter Building.
Eugene with his class.
A teacher explaining the activity.
Two teacher doing water filtration.
Water filtration.
Huntington Academy.
Uplands Junior School.
Teacher doing camo games.