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What do you like about The Adventure Service?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The Adventure Service latest feedback form, sent out to all parents and carers of Adventurers has proved extremely insightful.

Each year we conduct such a survey to ensure we’re performing adequately - with practical feedback enabling us to continually improve or adjust our provision to obtain maximum impact for all of our service users.

However, feedback is helpful only when it highlights weaknesses as well as strength. Effective feedback has proven benefits for the givers, receivers and the users of The Adventure Service Ltd and is a tool for improved performance and continued learning.

We whole heartedly thank all of the parents and carers who took the time to fill out this short survey and would like to share some of the comments with you as a motivational aid for our Staff and Directors.

The question ‘what do you like about The Adventure Service’ evoked responses including;

Quality of service, with a choice of different activities which are well supported. Activities are healthy, outside and service user lead.

The fact that it's not what you expect from a stereotypical day service - you give these young adults a chance to try new activities, pushing them out of their comfort zones

The opportunity for Adventurers to be outdoors and active, with experiences which are difficult to provide within the family unit and challenge both physically and mentally.

I think that it is a great confidence builder for young people, learning different skills and abilities, whilst experiencing other types of activities.

It is so positive and imaginative and really strong on building relationships, while still putting so much into personal and character development.

Question 2 asked ‘Please ask your Adventurer, what part of The Adventure Service they really enjoy’ with many similar replies which mentioned;

Lots of walking, cooking and being outdoors. Visiting new places!

Making new friends and spending time with friends and Adventure Service Leaders.

Lots of coffee, hot chocolate and toast

Doing activities that aren’t available at other day centres.

Activity weekends away via Adult Short Breaks.

Other questions asked parents and carers to list 'one thing about The Adventure Service that could be better' and 'How could we support you / your Adventurer more than we currently do'.

The information obtained from these particular responses will be carefully assessed and researched to determine if we can incorporate them into our day to day activities, so please watch this space and continue to provide us with your feedback and comments – we really do welcome them, both good and bad!

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