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On the Ropes!

Our first Adult Short Break of 2019 took place this weekend at Thornbridge Outdoors. Those attending set off from the Day Service centre, on Friday afternoon, to travel to the accommodation, where an entire weekend of fun and laughter was set out for them.

Adventurers on the low ropes course.

Once everyone was settled and unpacked, the guys sat down for some delicious pasta bolognaise, that was prepared by our Adventurers earlier in the day. After this, everyone chilled for the rest of the night and watched Avengers: Infinity Warfare.

Our Adventurers woke up early on Saturday morning, as they had a busy day ahead. They tucked into some yummy sausage sandwiches and cereals for breakfast, before getting ready for the day’s activities.

High ropes course.

The guys were split up into two groups. One group went to do the high ropes course, led by Mala and the other group went to the low ropes course, led by Terry. Some of the group then went on to do bouldering games in the climbing room.

Calum on the climbing wall.

The Adventurers had some sandwiches for lunch, before swapping over activities.

After an exciting afternoon on the ropes, the groups headed back to their accommodation to prepare and eat some dinner. The guys had some pie with potatoes and vegetables, very yummy! Everyone ten settled down to relax and socialise with friends. Some Adventurers watched The Greatest Showman.

Sarah helping out in the kitchen.

After a busy day on Saturday, everyone slept in a bit later Sunday morning before enjoying a lovely full English breakfast.

Most of the morning consisted of tidying up the accommodation and packing suitcases. Everyone also enjoyed some soup and tiger bread, before getting the last few bits together.

Then the group began travelling back in the afternoon, reflecting on what a fab weekend everyone had.

Hayden completing the low ropes course.

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