Final Thoughts

Nearly five years of fun, laughter, hard work and tears; nearly five years at The Adventure Service. It’s now my time to move on. With my last day being Saturday 7th August 2021, I thought it was time to reflect.

I joined this wonderful venture at just 16 years old. Fresh out of school, a child with no idea about the world of employment. But I couldn’t be more grateful for this company taking me in and contributing towards the 21-year-old woman I am today.

Helen and Terry took a massive risk employing me as a 16-year-old. Most will go to sixth form and then move on to university, but that was not for me. I was driven by the urge of wanting to earn a proper wage, work full time and dive into the real world, and this place was the best place to start. I had little to no confidence back in November 2016 and I never in my wildest dreams thought I would achieve the things I have since being here.

October 2018 saw me achieve my first diploma; Level 3 Social Media and Digital Marketing for a Business. Followed by a Level 4 diploma in Digital Marketing 18 months later. However, one of my proudest moments was winning Nottinghamshire’s Young Apprentice of the Year in 2018 at the East Midlands Chamber Nottinghamshire Business Awards. To even be recognised out of all the apprentices that applied was astonishing, but to win it was incredible. Its one of many TAS memories that I will treasure forever.

I have been through some hard times while working at TAS. Losing my Nana was a big one, a collapse in my mental health was another, losing our family dog, break ups, illness, bereavement… the list goes on. But what I can say is that each member of staff has always been super supportive and comforting when I have needed it most. I have been able to go to my managers with things I didn’t think I could tell anybody else, and its extremely rare for an employee to feel like they are able to do that. I have been very lucky to experience this.

Every single staff member has had an impact on my job and much of my young life. Thanks to TAS, I take away some lifelong friends, who I couldn’t imagine not seeing every day.

Our lovely Adventurers, they have made me laugh and smile when I thought it was impossible to do so. Every single one of them are so unique and wonderful and just an absolute pleasure to be around. I have been fortunate to cover in the Day Service numerous times during my time here, allowing me to get to know our marvellous service users, as well as get a taste for the outdoors. I’ve loved it! (Not always in the rain though!) To watch so many of them grow in confidence over the last four and a half years has been an absolute honour. They all hold a very special place in my heart and always will.

I am going on to become a Marketing Coordinator at Monarch Healthcare, a group of nursing homes around the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area. Although it makes me sad to move on, (There’s already been a few tears this week!) and leave my friends at TAS, it is time for me to branch out and take on a new challenge.

I will miss this place dearly, in lots of ways. It has mean a massive part of my young life and I will treasure all the people I have met here and all the memories I have made with them.

All the best and take care,

Lauren x

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