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Bit of Bread and Grass Heads

Yesterday, our wonderful Adventurers had the pleasure of being joined at Blakeley Lane Campsite by Ashgate Croft School, a special educational school located in Chesterfield.

Student making dough in the woods with a smile on her face.
Molly from Ashgate Croft.

It was chilly Monday morning when seven students from the Derbyshire SEN School joined our Adventurers Colin, Marcia, Luke and Corey, for a FREE Post-16 Taster Day. We had a few fun activities lined up for the group, so they could have a good feel of what The Adventure Service is about.

A student sat on a picnic table in the woods.
Sam on the taster day.

After a quick introduction and getting to know everybody a little bit, we jumped in with the first activity. Grass Heads! The group sat around some tables and got to work. We had grass heads of all different sizes, with a range of different features.

A student doing some natural crafts.
Elizabeth making a grass head.

We then moved on to some fire skills, which the students loved. Lee brought the accessible tabletop fire steel so all the guys could have a go at lighting some cotton wool. Every student had a go and they all managed to light the cotton wool with no issues. The school’s Head of Post-16, Richard, then had a go at lighting some silver birch with a normal fire steel. This took him a few tries, but he got there eventually! Some of the other students had a go with the normal fire steel. Rhys, who attended the taster, said making the fire was his favourite bit.

A teacher and a student setting fire to some cotton wool with a fire steel.
Head of Post-16, Richard, and Ashgate Croft Student, Jessica, starting a fire with a fire steel.

It was then time for some dinner. Our Adventurers mingled with the students from Ashgate Croft and we all had a nice chat while eating our food.

After dinner, we moved on to bread making. Students made their own dough and got to pick whether they wanted plain bread, cheesy bread or bread with chocolate chips. Some of the students picked to have chocolate chips AND cheese in their bread! Not sure whether they were ever so keen though…Elizabeth, from Ashgate Croft said she really enjoyed making the bread.

A student covered in flour enjoying making some bread dough.
Molly enjoying the bread making.

While the bread cooked in our awesome ovens, the students went on to make some woodland flags. They used red cabbage and baby spinach to make a print on their cloth. They did this by bashing the cloth with a woodland mallet. This activity is fun, and you can get creative. Sam said that his favourite bit was making the woodland flags.

Two students doing some natural crafts.
Elizabeth and Sam making their woodland flags.

The Adventure Service offers free Post-16 Taster Days to SEN Schools so their students can have a taste of what we have to offer them once they leave school. If you are a Head Teacher, Head of Post-16 or SENCO and think your school may be interested in this, then please get in touch with Lauren on 01623 232102 or email her at

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