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10 Years of TAS!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

10 Years of TAS! Can you believe it?

On Monday 1st of August 2011, The Adventure Service opened its doors for the first time and invited you all in for a variety of fun adventures. What a decade it has been, and we want to celebrate all the wonderful moments with YOU GUYS!

The Adventure Service Ltd was founded in August 2011 by Terry Harris-Ellis and Helen Harris-Ellis with the aim of supporting those with additional support needs to ‘Achieve Potential Through Adventure’. We specialise in delivering high-quality outdoor learning experiences for all, including children and adults with learning disabilities. We do this through a variety of adventure-based activities. Each Adventurer is supported and encouraged to do as much as they can from preparing and setting up of activities and buying resources to enable the activity to happen, to pushing themselves to reach that little bit further up the climbing wall or taking their first canoe trip on the open water. No matter what a person’s perceived abilities, we gently support and encourage them to challenge themselves throughout their time with The Adventure Service Ltd.

Helen said: “10 years ago Terry and I started this venture together, along with Terry’s brother, Lee Ellis, and his partner, Mala Ramsamooj. We never imagined how popular our Day Service could be! We are absolutely over the moon that with our amazing and talented staff team, we continue to provide amazing outdoor opportunities for our Adventurers!”

On Saturday 7th of August 2021, we will be holding a special 10 Year Anniversary event at Walesby Forest. All are welcome to come along and bring your families, picnics and entertainment for the day. This is a great opportunity for you to come along and mingle with other people within the community, their families and our fabulous staff team!

Tickets are FREE of charge and everyone attending MUST have a ticket. If you would like a ticket, please get in contact with Lauren (, 01623 232102 or 07423266127) and provide names of all of those who are attending. Tickets are printed and will be able to be collected from both the Mansfield Woodhouse Centre and Top Valley Day Centre. Alternatively, tickets can be posted out to you.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

(Please note, no staff supervision is provided on this day. You must NOT drop off your young person and leave them if they require support and cannot attend independently.)

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