Activity Fact File


Bushcraft is learning the skills to live comfortably in a natural environment. The skills learnt while participating in Bushcraft activities can easily be transferred to everyday life. Adventurers will learn the independent living skills and health and safety skills, needed in your everyday kitchen, but in a fun and outdoor environment. 


We do things such as natural crafts, fire lighting, outdoor cooking, environmental awareness, foraging, tool use, camo games, shelter building and much more. Our Adventures will learn how to use a range of tools too such as a fire steel, an axe, kelly kettle, a hand drill and many more. 


We put all these skills into practice in local woodlands, such as Oxclose Woods, Blakeley Lane Campsite or our Bushcraft Site in Edwinstowe! 

Pizza Oven.
Sinead using a kelly kettle.
Luke using a hand drill.

Moutain Biking

Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. With this activity, we will sometimes get our Adventurers who are a little less confident, to ride the bikes on the field outside our centre. We will also teach bike maintenance, to allow our Adventures to fix their bikes if anything was to go wrong. 


We have multiple bicycles here at our centre, for a range of sizes and abilities so everyone can have a go and enjoy. We have trikes and two-person bicycles for those who are not so confident.  


When not using the field space outside of centre we often take our Adventurers trail riding around local cycle routes and networks such as Sherwood Pines.

Sarah and Chrissy bike riding.
Corey bike riding at Sherwood Pines.
Calum riding a trike.


Hillwalking is the pastime of walking in the hilly countryside and it is very good for the mind! Our instructors all have a completed at least their Hill and Moorland training, with some instructors that have completed their Mountain Leader training and are very confident in the countryside.


Adventurers will have the opportunity to plan routes to go walking in the Peak District and take in the stunning scenery! You can also gain skills in map reading, GPS reading and mountain safety, along with improved fitness.


We go to a large range of routes in the Peak District which include Surprise View in Hathersage and Longshaw Estate.

Luke and Adventure Dog, Broc.
Colin walking at Surprise View.
Gemma hillwalking/

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the sport or pastime of climbing rock faces, especially with the aid of ropes and special equipment. Although it may look dangerous, it is completely safe and we have trained climbers employed here at The Adventure Service.


Our Adventurers will learn a range of skills during this activity such as improvement in coordination and physical fitness. It is also handy in working on rope work and knot tying.  


Places we visit to deliver rock climbing include Harborough Rocks and Pleasley Vale.  

Michael rock climbing.
Moama rock climbing.
Gemma rock climbing, with Helen.


Weaselling is the action of climbing up, over or through rocks or steep ground, especially as a leisure activity. It is an activity that is a bit more than hillwalking but not quite rock climbing. 


Weaselling is a popular activity amongst our Adventurers. It allows them to build their confidence whilst improving their coordination.  

We often do weaselling at Higger Tor and Black Rocks in the Peak District. 

Jamie at Higger Tor.
Lloyd Weaselling.


Abseiling is where our Adventurers are lowered down from a rock face or bridge by using a doubled rope coiled attached to a harness which is fastened around each Adventurer.


This activity is a favourite amongst our guys and is good for building their trust and confidence in positive risk taking! You can abseil solo or go down as a pair! An instructor will always have control of the ropes.


When abseiling we usually go to Millersdale, which has an 80ft bridge!

Joe abseiling off Millersdale.
Hayden one step closer to abseiling.
Sinead after completing her abseil.


Canoeing is the sport or activity of paddling a light, narrow boat. Here at The Adventure Service, we have our own canoes for Adventurers to use and we have instructors that are Paddle Sport Leaders.


This activity helps with the development of listening skills and confidence while improving physical fitness. This is an activity everyone loves! Adventurers will paddle around the island while participating in a range of fun team games.


We have permission to use Girton Sailing Club in Newark. We also go camping here for our Adult Short Breaks!

Girton Sailing Club.

Orienteering and Geocaching

Orienteering is where our Adventurers will find their way around some countryside using a map or a compass. Geocaching is an activity or pastime in which an item, or a container holding a number of items, is hidden at a particular location for GPS users to find by means of coordinates posted on the Internet.


This also allows the Adventurers to develop their map reading skills, physical fitness, team building skills and communication skills.


Good places to visit for orienteering and geocaching include Longshaw Estate, Rufford Abbey or Matlock!

Matthew using a GPS.
Clare and Michael using a GPS.
Richard GPS


Archery is the activity in which our Adventurers shoot arrows at a target. Our guys will take part in friendly and competitive games. This activity is lovely in the summer months!


Our Adventurers set up their own range and learn to develop control, listening skills and an awareness of safety. Everyone loves this activity!


We often do this activity at Blakeley Lane Campsite or our Bushcraft Site in Edwinstowe.

Jamie taking part in archery.
Moama using an accessible bow.
Colin shooting an arrow.

Navigation and Identification

Navigation is practically the same as orienteering, our Adventurers use a GPS to navigate themselves around some woodland. They will also do photo trails around the different local country parks. Identification is where our guys use keys to identify different parts of nature. This could be leaf ID, flower ID and insect ID.


This activity allows the Adventurers to develop their knowledge of nature and the outdoors while improving their map reading skills and navigation skills. 


 We visit many different places to deliver this activity, such as Newstead Abbey, Rufford Abbey or Sherwood Forest.


Group Volunteering

Group Volunteering is where the Day Service volunteer with the Forestry Commission in local woodland. Our Adventurers do this on a regular basis!


This involves managing the woodland and working together as a team in order to benefit the local environment and the local community.


We go to a range of sites owned by the Forestry Commission!

Lloyd using saw.
Brett using tools.